How to eat healthy

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Body is the capital of revolution. If you want to be healthy, diet is very important. This article will introduce some good habits of healthy diet. Many people eat goods and don’t pay attention when eating, which often leads to bad things such as obesity, high blood pressure or food poisoning. I simply summarize how to eat healthily.

Method / step one

First of all, pay attention to the time of three meals a day. Breakfast is usually eaten before 8 o’clock. The best time for lunch is 11:00-13:00, and the best time for dinner is 17:00-18:00. Eating breakfast too late is not conducive to digestion, and eating dinner late for a long time is also easy to get fat.


Secondly, how to match food with three meals a day is also more important. As the saying goes, “eat well for breakfast, eat full for lunch and eat less for dinner”. Therefore, it is better to eat eggs, soybean milk and milk for breakfast. For lunch, you can eat fish, meat, vegetables and other things that are difficult to digest at night. This meal should be full and is the main food of the day. Eat less dinner and eat some digestible food.


In the diet, we should pay attention not to eat too greasy, and it is not easy to often eat spicy and cold food. We should eat more vegetables and fruits and eat less fried food.


Eating fruit between meals is also exquisite. Some fruits should be eaten before meals, such as apples, which are not too acidic. Some fruits should be eaten after meals, such as oranges and hawthorn. These acidic gases are too strong, and eating on an empty stomach before meals is easy to hurt the stomach. In addition, the time to eat fruit should be more than half an hour apart from each meal, which is more healthy and does not affect the diet.


In addition, pay attention to the combination of porridge, soup and vegetables for three meals a day. You can’t only eat vegetables for each meal. It’s easy to have stomach discomfort and get angry. Porridge is a good medicine for nourishing the stomach. Often drinking porridge is easy to nourish the stomach and will also make your face ruddy and look good.


In the long run, we should also pay attention to a balanced diet. We should not be picky about eating. We prefer one kind of food, but we should eat an appropriate amount of all kinds of food. On the whole, it is better to eat more fish, less meat and more vegetables. Moreover, we must get water every day, which is conducive to intestinal digestion.

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