Home decoration space planning – key points of dinning room decoration design

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As a person who likes cooking, the kitchen and restaurant decor are very important. I pay special attention to the decoration of these two places. How big is the table? What style is suitable for the dining table? As a place for daily dining and enhancing family feelings, the restaurant is not simple in terms of space layout or soft outfit matching. Every family has different needs for the restaurant. Today I’ll talk about restaurants first.

  1. We should pay attention to the matching of colors. When eating, the color of the restaurant has a great impact on people’s eating. Therefore, when decorating the restaurant, you can choose some bright colors. Because the bright color can promote people’s eating, and this color virtually increases the atmosphere of the restaurant. For the decorative paintings of the restaurant, you can choose some more calm colors to match.
  2. How to choose the appropriate dining table? For the decoration of the restaurant, the choice of dining table is very important and has a certain impact on the way of dining. When choosing the dining table, we should understand the real needs. The shapes of the dining table include square, circle and rectangle. Choos the comfort and beautiful one.
  3. Choose matching seats. Many seats in restaurants need to be matched. You’d better not buy them separately. Many problems need to be considered, such as height, color, etc., so it’s best to buy them in complete sets.
  4. Choose soft lighting as far as possible. In many restaurants, most of the lamps are mainly chandeliers. In order to highlight the atmosphere of the restaurant, we must choose lamps with soft lights. The atmosphere created by different brightness of lights is different. If the light is very dazzling when eating and directly shines on people’s eyes, we will feel very uncomfortable. It will also greatly affect the mood of diners.
  5. Choose simple, elegant and clean materials for the top surface of the restaurant as far as possible. When decorating the top surface of the restaurant, try to choose some simple, elegant and clean materials for decoration. For example, some of them are made of wood and metal, and set off by lamps. The ceiling can be appropriately reduced in height, which can not only bring a cordial feeling to people who eat, but also increase people’s appetite.
  6. Wear resistant materials shall be selected for the wall. You can choose some materials such as glass and wood decoration. Mirrors can also be used locally as parapets. In this way, people can feel elegant and fresh when they enter the restaurant. There is also a relatively simple way to decorate the wall is to use wall stickers. Wall stickers are easy to use and inexpensive. There are many styles of wall stickers. Large ones like trees wall stickers can be 3 meters high and small ones can be a few centimeters high. Watercolor peony wall stickers are very popular recently. I looked for some stickers company and found Happy Decal has many kinds of wall stickers here.There are more children’s wall stickers of this store. Wall stickers are generally more practical in children’s rooms.
  7. Choose materials with smooth surface and easy cleaning on the ground. When we decorate the restaurant, we choose some floor tiles, floors and marble. Such materials are more convenient and shiny when cleaning. It can bring people a mysterious and romantic feeling. For couples, the restaurant with this atmosphere must be their first choice, which also increases the source of tourists.

The design of the restaurant plays a very important role in the quiet and comfortable dining environment. So what are the precautions in the decoration design of the restaurant?Today, Let’s share the design points of the restaurant layout.

  1. Location and layout of the restaurant

The principle of restaurant decoration design is: quiet and comfortable, close to the kitchen. The location of the restaurant takes into account the convenience of passing dishes, and the layout of the restaurant cannot be too far away from the kitchen. If you choose to design an open kitchen, you can design a middle island platform between the kitchen and the restaurant. The boundary between the restaurant and the kitchen becomes blurred, which not only increases the utilization of space, but also has the function of expanding space visually.

  1. Selection of dining room tables and chairs

The choice of dining table depends on the size of the restaurant and the number of users. If it is a 4-person table, you can choose a table of about 1.5m, a table of about 1.6m for 6-person table and a table of about 1.8m for 8-person table.

There are two types of dining tables: rectangular table and round table. If you like the atmosphere of a family, you can choose round table. If the restaurant is large, you can consider choosing round table. There are many types of dining tables on the market. Just choose what you like. You can also choose the style with drawers under the table in the restaurant outside. Usually, you can store small items such as toothpicks and paper towels inside, which can keep the table clean and tidy.

Dining chair selection: Backrest dining chair, popular mainstream, comfortable and beautiful, with various styles. The swivel chair can rotate, but it is inconvenient to move.

  1. Storage of restaurant

The restaurant needs to use a lot of items, which need to be stored well, so as not to accumulate too many items on the table. Choose the appropriate side cabinet, which can store small items and make the restaurant environment more tidy and clean. There are two types of side cabinets: independent and customized. The independent style is diverse, and customization can fit the space and improve the utilization of the space.

  1. Restaurant lighting selection

The lighting selection of the restaurant needs to pay attention to the sense of atmosphere. Sometimes only one chandelier can improve the atmosphere of the restaurant. The choice of restaurant lights, using some warm colors, can become more appetizing when shining on the food. The distance between the chandelier and the dining table is generally 75-90cm. If you are not sure about the distance between the chandelier and the dining table, go to the physical store to experience it and choose a height suitable for you.

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