Fresh fast food? Automated food markets a growing trend in Paris

May 4, 2022 0 Comments

A farm-fresh fruit and veg ‘vending machine’. Would you shop here?! | but first, let’s eat
Have you seen this?! It’s fannnnntastic! Access to local, freshly farmed food in your neighbourhood? AUTOMATED food markets?!

The concept is such:

A produce vending machine (amongst other items, like farm-fresh eggs!)

I personally, love the farmers market. What I don’t love is the drive to get there, the mayhem of the stalls on a Saturday morning, and that I can only go on the few days it’s open.

Convenience is definitely not something that the farmers markets in my area offer.

I feel like this concept would give me access to the freshest ingredients, in an opportune place, that allows me to ‘just pick a few things up.’ Hello, dinner inspiration!

While I still love my local farmers markets (a huge variety, lots of different products and local businesses offering a variety of different items!), the appeal of week-night convenience is hard to beat.

So, the only question that remains is, when will this trend come to North America?!

Would you shop at a ‘fruit and veg vending machine?’

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