Have you been unofficially diagnosed with Nutrition Information Overload?

I can help with that.

You’ve heard it before: Each time you eat, you are feeding disease or fighting it. Your body is a temple. You are what you eat.


You get it – but you just feel too (insert emotion here) to give it a try. Or you don’t know where to start. The information is overwhelming. It tells you what, but not how.

You probably ‘get’ food. You know a bit about healthy eating. You feel confident in saying that fast food daily is bad, and eating fruits and vegetables are good – but all that other stuff? The news that comes out each day? Try the cabbage soup diet. Have you heard what Beyoncé did after having baby Blue Ivy to get her bod back? Put that egg down, it’s FAR too acidic (whaaa?!)

My brain is melting just THINKING about it, and YOU sound like you’re suffering from a serious case of Nutrition Information Overload.

Healthy eating does NOT have to be hard.
I will de-mystify the in’s and out’s of eating and give you actionable nutrition information that not only tells you ‘what’, but ‘how’. No nonsense. No bullshit.

Tired of failing at every crazy diet you’ve tried? Do you want to have more energy, and feel great day in and day out? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m not going to stand here and make you promises. I will not guarantee you will ‘lose 7 lbs in 7 days’. (Let’s be honest, just to regain it again anyways – those crash diets never last). I will not force you to eliminate 60% of foods out there, so that when you go to out with friends, you eat chicken and lettuce. every. time.

I focus on small, achievable changes that are sustainable to help you meet your nutrition goals. This is the stuff habits are made of – the key to long-term success.

I always believe breakfast is THE place to start, which is why I’m offering the 7 day e-compilation: Never Worry About Breakfast Again: 7 Unique Recipes for the Week for free! This is a total breakfast game changer.

Never Worry About Breakfast Again: 7 Fantastically Free Recipes for the Week Delivered Right to your Inbox!

Oh. By the way. I’m Andrea. A registered dietitian, with a serious passion for food.
This is my avenue to share. To create. To educate the masses and most importantly, tell others about my experience. I want to share with you how to develop a healthy relationship with food, one that has you feeling the best you possibly can.
I’ve created an inspirational, yet evidenced based blog, mixed with my experience-based expertise – what I’ve seen, what I’ve learned, what I’ve tried. I’m not going to deny that my approach will likely offend some people. In fact, I hope it does.
Unfiltered and honest – a truly I don’t give a crap way to share with you.